What Is A Flea Fogger?

A flea fogger, also known as a flea bomb, is an aerosol can which, once activated, will spray a continuous mist of pesticide into the room creating a fog.

It can be an effective way of treating the interior of your home however the chemicals in a flea fogger can be hazardous to both humans and pets and should only be used when neither will be in the house for at least 4 hours. The Fleatreatmentcenter has a number of safer alternatives which you may want to consider.

What precautions need to be taken before using a flea fogger?

Because the chemicals in a flea fogger are toxic, you must ensure that all food, food utensils and small appliances are put away or covered. Ensure that all toys are also put away.

All exposed surfaces and electronic equipment need to be covered as the ‘fog’ will eventually settle on them and can damage some surfaces and electronic equipment. Use old sheets or plastic tarps and dispose of these once the treatment is complete.

flea-foggerIf you have a fish tank you must either remove it from the house or cover it tightly with plastic wrap so that the chemicals, which are toxic to fish, cannot settle on the tank.

Turn of all lights, electrical devices and gas pilot lights as the propellants in flea foggers can be flammable and could ignite. Make sure your heating and/or air conditioning is also turned off.

It’s important to close all windows so the ‘fog’ does not escape the house.

Once you’ve activated the flea fogger, do not enter the room again until the required time is complete.

Always remember to read the instructions carefully before using any flea treatment chemicals in your home.

What must you do when you return to the house?

Firstly open as many windows as possible as the smell of the pesticide can last for many hours.

Vacuum and mop all floors thoroughly to remove not only dead fleas and flea eggs but also any chemical residue.

Clean and wash all exposed surfaces to remove any residue. Be sure to wear disposable gloves when doing this and throw them away when you’re finished.

Wash any clothes and bedding that you’ve forgotten to put away.

If you’ve accidentally left any food out, this needs to be thrown away.

Although flea foggers can be an effective way of ridding your home of fleas, there are also many safer alternatives which you may want to try first.

You Will Be Glad That You Started Doing Yoga

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Yoga Will Help You Build Muscle

Some people believe that yoga is only about the way that your mind feels and meditating, but it does so much more than to put your mind at ease. It helps you to build muscle. It helps your body to get into shape, and that is a very good thing. You are going to feel at your ultimate best when you start building up muscle thanks to yoga, and when you start feeling stronger because of all of the muscle that you are putting on.

You will be glad that you decided that yoga was the right thing for you when you start noticing all of the changes that are made in your life. You will be happy in the healthier body that you will achieve thanks to all of the hard work that you put in as you are doing yoga. You will be happy with the way that you are feeling when you are dieting, doing yoga, and making yourself an overall healthy person. You will be glad that you have made all of the changes that you have in your life.